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  • Unity Ground Cover Package

    I recently purchased the asset package from Unity for the Ground Cover to start working with SpeedTree 8 in Unity.
    I want to start by saying I'm normally using a number of other assets, but I have also tried simply dragging the grass to the scene as objects and had similar issue.

    The problem I am having is that in the game engine the grass shows up very dark, it's like one side of the texture isn't getting lit. The import shows that it's selected as Two-Sided and that it's Globally Illuminating both sides.
    I have tried with a single direct light, and with realtime lighting and have had the same sort of problem.

    The following image shows what I am referring to. This is a combination of Rough Grass 1 and Rough Grass 2, using the SpeedTree 8 package and shader. This is using Vegetation Studio.

    Here is another example on a fresh scene with a single directional light, dragging the grass straight to the scene.

    Here is a snap of the material import settings of LOD0.

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    I am not getting this issue with the grass using the basic lighting set-up, could it possibly be something in the lighting set-up you have? Are you using HDRP?


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      I was able to track down the root cause of the issue in my scene. I could not figure out why it happens in the test scene, but in my own scene it had to do with ambient lighting. SpeedTree's require 1-1.25 for the ambient lighting for them to light properly, otherwise the AO is excessive. I believe that this could be improved on if the shader for Unity was improved to include more of the PBR controlling factors like AO intensity.
      For those who have a similar issue, watch your ambient lighting.