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Crashes on Import to UE4 -- Billboard bug?

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  • Crashes on Import to UE4 -- Billboard bug?


    I'm using SpeedTree Modeler v8.4.1 (Games Indie) to create assets for use in UE4 (v4.22.2). I have successfully imported many trees with no problems, but this one particular situation is causing UE4 to crash while trying to import the ST file:

    I'm creating separate leafy crown assets for building basic forests. I've created a tree, hidden the trunk and branches, and exported a leafy crown with about 100 cluster meshes and a couple thousand polygons, and this asset imports just fine. However, when I reduce the number of meshes to single digits (to use as a low poly dome of leaf texture) and export it with the same settings, it causes UE4 to crash.

    (The exact error message is: Assertion failed: NewPos > WriterPos [File:C:\P43\UE4\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\ Public\Serialization/BulkDataWriter.h] [Line: 40] )

    The solution I've found is to export the ST without billboards (just check on "all LODs"). Including billboards when the tree consists only a few few leaf meshes causes UE4 to crash. Is this a bug?

    Thank you

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    When you reduced your model, did you check and modift how your model looks when the LOD level changes? Sometimes, when changing model, the reduction of segments or geometry removal can be too aggressive which results in having an empty LOD level and can cause some errors when brought into UE4.

    Let me know if this helps.


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      That's exactly it -- I shouldn't have missed it. Thanks for the speedy reply, Sonia.