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Mouse issues when using Wacom tablet

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  • Mouse issues when using Wacom tablet

    I use a Wacom Intuos tablet with a pen and mouse. I've just discovered that the tablet driver must be set to Pen Mode for both devices in order to work with SpeedTree. With all other applications I can use the Pen in Pen Mode and the Mouse in Mouse Mode.

    When the Mouse is set to Mouse Mode, items on the screen (menus, generation nodes, etc.) are highlighted when I hover over them, but nothing happens -- or something unrelated happens -- when I click on them. Panning and orbiting in the main 3D workspace usually work, but not always. Likewise, right clicking sometimes opens context menus, sometimes not.

    When the Mouse is set to Pen Mode, everything works as expected but the mouse is very slow (the driver's speed and acceleration settings have no effect).

    I'm running SpeedTree 8.3.0 on Windows 10 with the latest version of the Wacom driver. Previously I used SpeedTree on a MacPro and do not recall running into this.

    This is a nuisance since I have to remember to reset the driver when I run SpeedTree (and then adjust to a much slower mouse). Or plug in a separate optical mouse to use alongside the tablet. But I wonder if there is a solution or if this is a bug that ought to be fixed.

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    Hello- Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we will take a look at it. It's been logged with the engineers. I have not yet seen this on our test tablet with the mouse but we'll take a look at see.


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      Thank you, Sarah. Later yesterday I upgraded to SpeedTree Cinema 8.4.1 and found the same issue with that version. I'm a long-time Mac user and new to Windows 10, so please let me know if you find a fix that I can make on my end.


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        If the Wacom Tablet Driver Not Responding then, the mouse issues arises. To solve this, you can try to uninstall the older Wacom driver and then install the latest version driver.


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          My tablet drivers work fine. I don't use Wacom Tablet . i just use the XP-Pen Deco 03 Drawing Tablet thing and the pen in Speedtree. For digital drawing it works great.