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Bring back branches! Displacement flares are a mess

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  • Bring back branches! Displacement flares are a mess

    In ST-UE4 version 7, the properties tab had this nifty section labeled branches where you had SO much control over the flares. This was very useful when working with more precise edits and especially useful for working with more stylized designs.
    Why was this changed in 8? The displacement/noise scale is just too messy and when trying to go for a nice twist usually ends up with the base of the mesh clipping into itself.
    I'd love to see this at least as an option in future updates because it really does limit artistic expression, and for a version aimed for gaming platforms, I'm sure the last thing you'd want is to cut your target audience in half by limiting the creation to trees leaning more
    on the realistic side. I've attached an image of a tree I created in version 7, and so far, I have been unable to create a similar look in version 8. If I am just lacking the know how to get this effect with the flares/twist then I would love to be educated so I can get back to work haha.

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    Hi Sean!
    The displacement section and flares sections have changed up a bit but the ability to twist and have a ridged tree is still there as well as extra welding features under the "skin" tab. This video does a great walkthrough and may help out!


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      That video is unavailable.


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        Sorry about that Jasagna,

        This link should work!