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Persistent error in bringing in SpeedTree assets.

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  • Persistent error in bringing in SpeedTree assets.


    I am trying to bring in a bunch of new speedtree assets.

    Unfortunately, Unity doesn't recognize them. It is telling me to re-save them in the unity-specific Speedtree Modeller, which I did.

    Unfortunately, that did not solve the problem.

    Any idea of a solution? Is there a special way I am supposed to be saving these?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


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    Hey eblumrich , we're sorry to hear you're having issues bringing SpeedTrees into Unity.

    Where did you get the SpeedTree assets (if from the store, let us know what files we should look at!)? Do you know what version these trees were created in?
    (If they are version 8 .SPMs, you will need to export the model from the SpeedTree for Unity subscription modeler; you don't need a subscription to have access to export-only mode!)

    What version of Unity are you using? Is it possible to send us the error message that you're getting when you try to load them in?


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      If you've purchased a tree marked for v8 it will not work in the SpeedTree 7 modeler, they are not backward compatible. In version 8 we offer an "export only" version of the modeler that will let you export these trees straight to unity. The export instructions for that can be found here: (You can download the SpeedTree 8 modeler by heading to your downloads on our store.)

      SpeedTree 8 is for use in Unity 2018.3 or higher.

      You can, however, use any of your v7 purchased tree's inside of SpeedTree 8 after you've upgraded the generators. We have a write up on that here if you'd like to see what that entails:

      Sorry for the confusion!
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