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Strange issue on tree LOD Material in UE4

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  • Strange issue on tree LOD Material in UE4

    Hi, I have this weird issue with my mesh.
    There seemns to be some interesting things happening to the materials as well.
    I havent encountered this before, anyone know what it could be?
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    Hey kasandrahs: from first glance, it looks like you've selected the wrong packing settings or that you've reimported the mesh but not the textures.

    We'd recommend re-exporting and then re-importing using the default settings for UE4

    (Default settings below)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	StandardSettings.JPG
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Size:	24.5 KB
ID:	7609

    If this doesn't work, please let us know what version of the modeler you're working with, your initial export settings, and the version of Unreal Engine you're importing into and we can troubleshoot from there.


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      hi KatLeeHong Thank you for getting back to me!
      I've tried with the default settings and it still appears the same when imported into unreal.

      Im working in UE4 4.22.3
      and speedtree v8.4.1

      I had the same export settings except for i ticked LODs + Billboard
      The textures all work fine until the first LOD level comes in.
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        Sorry for the delay kasandrahs : I couldn't readily replicate your bug using our sample assets. Could you open your model in SpeedTree, save as with assets into a new folder, zip it, and send it to us at [email protected]?