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  • Greg Croft

    I am assuming you are exporting to either UE4 or Unity. The noise is there for a reason. SpeedTrees are rendered with alpha testing so the polygons don't have to be sorted back to front as with alpha blending. But there are a number of places where we want things to fade: branch seams, billboard faces transitioning, etc. For this we add noise to the opacity that allows for dithering effects. The noise is all above the alpha test value, so most of the time it has no effect.

    But if you want to disable it, you can edit the texture packer you are using. For example with the UE4 texture packer, open <app install>/texture_packing/UE4.fx. Comment out the lines near the start about adding dithering to the opacity.

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  • joe.proulx
    started a topic Noisy alpha

    Noisy alpha

    When i export to game i noticed that my billboard alpha mask contain alot of noise.I want to know if there is a way to reduce or avoid that. Thanks

    screenshot >