Beginner here, so apologies if I'm not describing my process well.

I've run through this workflow with a few other trees (all pines, based either on the pine preset or on a purchased model from the library), and had no issues at all.

Just did it on a broadleaf based on the simple broadleaf template file, and ran this a few times with the same results.

I'm animating a tree growing with some wind, and rendering out an image sequence.

The shadows are disappearing early into the animation, and failing to render from that point forward. When the image sequence finishes rendering, the viewport still shows without shadows and I can move the camera around and see the model with no shadows. Shadows don't reappear until I tinker with a setting (pretty much any setting) and then they come back.

You can see in this video, starting around 5 seconds in, the shadows vanish over a few seconds of time, and remain off for the rest of the video.

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