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Growth Export bug with Speedtree 8.42

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  • Growth Export bug with Speedtree 8.42

    i am unable to export an alembicfile wiht growth and wind effects. i triied everyxthing: both alembic-compressions 8 hdf5 and ogawa) i reduced the complexity of the growing tree, but nothing helps
    speedtree does not export anything exept the texutres. thanks a lot in advance
    in the link you find the projectfile and the necessary collision-geometry

    and here is a animation-preview:

    ind regards
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    You didn't include your textures in that, so a lot of it didn't load. However, I don't seem to have any trouble exporting an animation from it.

    In the export dialog, did you select growth and wind animation? Since your model starts from nothing, if you don't enable those it'll only do the current frame, so nothing may show up. It should take a while to save the whole animation. If you still have trouble, can you show a screenshot of your export settings?


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      hi greg
      i reduced the scene-complexetly and start the alembic-export at 8:30 AM. and until now it is still not finished. after 6 !!! hours later. so i have to quit it now. the size of the alembic-file is until now only 2,2 GB. ( see the attached screenshot):

      Click image for larger version  Name:	screnshot_Speedtree.jpg Views:	0 Size:	415.2 KB ID:	8293

      i include the textures this time into the projectfile:

      and here is a screenhof of my alembic-export-settings

      Click image for larger version  Name:	alembix-export-settings.jpg Views:	0 Size:	89.1 KB ID:	8294

      . so please try to export it with "wind" and growth" enabled in the alembic-export-setttings
      thanks a lot in avance!