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Slow interaction when editing hand drawn branches.

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  • DutchDimension
    Thank you Sonia, for the advice. The models I encountered the slowness on were still very early on in the development process and thus quite simple. Essentially a trunk generator with three hand drawn nodes sticking out of it. I did find the control point density rather dense. Probably more than it needed to describe the shape. This density can be controlled can it? (I remember reading something about it in the manual).

    I'll make sure to try out your advice when I get back to the office and will report back.


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  • SoniaPiasecki
    The slowness may be a result of a large triangle count. There are 2 ways to speed up the process while editing.

    1. In Properties, there is an option of enabling Interaction Degradation.
    So when editing, this will hold back the computing of the change until the release of mouse-click/pen-down.

    2. Another way is to hide the parts/generators of the tree that is not required to be seen during the editing
    of a particular part. You simply have to select the generators that you want hidden and press 'H' on the keyboard.
    To undo the hidden, re-select the generator and press 'H' one more time.

    Hope this helps you.

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  • Slow interaction when editing hand drawn branches.

    Hi there,

    I'm currently working on creating a very specifically shaped tree that contains rather gnarled up branches, so I figured I'd use hand drawing and then edit the control points to further arrive at the desired shape. So I select one of the hand drawn branches in node editing mode and notice that SpeedTree becomes very sluggish. Selecting a control point incurs a 3-5 second penalty where SpeedTree freezes, after which I can move the point around normally. Releasing the point results in another 3-5 second freeze. The same happens when I want to tumble the viewport. It basically happens with every mouse/pen-down and mouse/pen-release action in the viewport.
    The magnitude of the slowness seems somewhat related to the number of control points the branch consists of.

    Is there anything I can do to speed this process up? It's a very powerful way of working, but it's hamstrung because of this speed hit.

    Many thanks!