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Prevent Texture Rotation During Atlas

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  • Prevent Texture Rotation During Atlas

    I am after such option, so atlasing won't break my normal maps by rotating them. As seems that re-atlasing textures by speed tree, and precisely bu rotating normal map is causing wrong shading and a visible seam.

    On a side note, I have already atlased everything but stems and roots. Wanted to make use texture from the atlas, but couldnt figure out how to uv map the stem and roots with particular fragment of imported from Substance Painter texture).

    THanks for listening feedback and helping out.

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    When making atlases, the normal written are updated for the rotation of that chunk. If you are having trouble, it could perhaps be a bug or something else is happening. Be sure you are using the latest version, as we are always fixing bugs. And make sure to us our normals/tangents if possible, in the end application.

    To use a subset of a pre-made atlas, make a mesh using the cutout editor ( that marks the place you want. This will work for leaves or anything that takes a mesh. For branches, you will not be able to do this currently without cutting out the branch into a new texture. In the next major version (v9), we have some improvements coming in this area that will allow you to set that up.


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      Thank you for the reply.

      Can't wait for version 9. Hopefully it will have unwrapping tools allowing uv map stems/branches/roots with a particular fragment of imported atlas texture.