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Season and leaf density

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  • Season and leaf density

    Hey, I'm noticing an issue when I try to change season variety, in the Unity SpeedTree Modeler (v8.4.2). When I click on the season slider, the leaf density increases (the leaf mesh density sometimes more than doubles triangle count), even if I don't change the value at all. As soon as I let go of the season slider, the leaf density drops again. Any ideas what's happening here? (I've tried with Aspen Quaking Sapling, London Plane Young, and Rocky Mountain Juniper Desktop Forest).

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    Hi Stevie Jay,

    This is due to the Collision on these models being set to High Quality by default. If Collision is used, it will remove some of the intersecting geometry in the model. However, the collision check won't compute until the season value is chosen, so what you're seeing when you're adjusting the season value is just how the model looks before the collision check. If you want to adjust the collision quality, you can find them in the top right of the modeler in your toolbar next to AO. I've attached a picture for reference. Hope this helps!



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      Perfect, thanks for the explanation Caleb Franklin