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animation export problem, please help

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  • animation export problem, please help

    Hello, I'm exporting wind animated tree fbx file & trying to import it to 3ds max 2020. file imports well, the animation is working grate for 3-5 seconds and then, suddenly whole tree mesh is crashing what could be a reason?

    using speedtree cinema.
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    Unless you have a specific reason to not do so, I would just use the standard MCX point cache format (not PC2). You don't need to do anything extra to use it, it'll just come into Max automatically when you import the FBX.

    I don't really know why Max is crashing, but it doesn't look like it's handling the PC2 very well based on your image. It's possible it cannot handle a 64 bit file size (>2GB).


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      Thanks for response Greg Croft

      U R right, one 5gb+ file was a problem. I exported cache as MCX and saved it in "file per frame" mode. small cache size files are handled well.Thanks