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Reference image in viewport and as window

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  • Reference image in viewport and as window

    Modeling a realistic tree that exists in a real life requires a reference.
    Modeling a fantasy tree that is the fruit of imagination also requires a reference in the form of a concept art.
    Whichever way you go about it, you need a reference.

    Since it's the easiest feature to implement, It would be great to have it as an option in the layout of the viewport. When you right click on the viewport, you go to WINDOW, LAYOUT, TWO SIDE BY SIDE. Then you right click on one of the two and go to VIEWPORT, and select the new option "Reference image".

    It would also be great to have a standalone reference image window that:
    - can be shown or hidden from the window menu
    - has the option to zoom in and out, and press one key that shows the whole image
    - has the option to stay on top when floating.
    - option to reduce it's opacity when floating.
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    hello, In Window Properties> Layout you can change the number of windows open to set up something like this. Under Window properties > Background you can set an image and load it in as letter box or a panoramic view and adjust the brightness and contrast.