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Delete branches based on height

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  • Delete branches based on height

    It's one of those situations where you like everything at the top of the tree but some branches are too low. Yes I can play with the first/last or position under the gen tab but if I do so it will change the top part as well, I just want to KILL all the branches up to a certain height. So, I need to keep everything as is except some lower branches.
    I can use the roll, I can use the sweep, but there is always a trouble maker branch that starts low and grows towards the ground, when all the branches are expected to grow up (for that type of species).
    I do not want to delete manually.
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    In branch properties there are multiple methods of killing branches in specific areas. Starting with the generation and setting the first and last is a good practice and then heading to Spine> Prune in either interior, up, down, ect with a curve can knock out the branches at the top of the tree. Gen> Knockout is also an option. Check your start angle for anything that is pointing toward the ground if you do not want it to be or use downward prune.