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Is SpeedTree for Unity abandoned?

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  • Is SpeedTree for Unity abandoned?

    I saw a lot of "complaints" here from Unity users, asking for better file structure, more plants and other Unity related stuff.

    I took a look at the Unity asset store, and to my knowledge, there were no additions since around 1 year or so, and also no updates.
    Am I wrong?

    If so, then I guess SpeedTree for Unity is abandoned.
    Or the support is not good at all.

    Can you shed some lights on this?

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    It is absolutely not abandoned.

    The past year or so, we have been hard at work on SpeedTree v8, which will include a huge library of new trees with scanned pbr materials. When released, all of this will be available for Unity, as well.


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      I hope a big update for Speedtree in Unity finally comes one day, from Unity or Speedtree's side. I use a lot of speedtrees in my project, and the fact that Unity still offers only cheap flat lighting for them really sets it back from other game engines... PBR speedtrees or at least specular lighting would in itself dramatically improve the graphic quality of lots of projects out there.

      But we've been waiting for two years already now :/