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  • generation window feature request

    Hi all,

    first post on the forum here. I would like to ask for more control in the generation window if that is possible. At the moment the nodes are sticking/glued together and you can't arrange them freely in the generation window. This become triky with heavy graphs that have got tree+roots+vines and other growths (fruits. batks chips.. )
    At the moment my only solution is to create some empty nodes I call dividers that are essentially there to create some space between 2 branches of the nodes graph. Would it be possible to create backdrops like in Nuke or Houdini so to arrange freely the nodes graphs into sub-categories and add the possibility to un-glue nodes together. See example attached:
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    We have some features to help this coming up in our next version that I think you will enjoy! Thank you for the feedback here.


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      Thanks Sarah, is there a trial version or a beta version that I could try ?