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Status of Unity HDRP integration

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  • Status of Unity HDRP integration


    How is going SpeedTree for Unity with HDRP? any news/dates?

    It has been more than a year since last update on this topic and HDRP has been out of preview more than 3 months ago, so I'm not sure. Are you going to support HDRP?

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    joseam : I understand your frustration. We have delivered a proof-of-concept integration with the shader graph to Unity engineers. Unfortunately, the scriptable renderers and the shader graph itself are still somewhat moving targets. As far as we know, Unity engineers are still working to bring a usable SpeedTree solution to the shader graph.

    Wish we had better news for you.


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      Thanks for the response.

      I wish that some day there is an update from Unity.


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        Hello, it is now December 2020. And I was wondering, again, what is the status of SpeedTree and Unity HDRP? I would really like to see a solution happen for HDRP. Why is Shadergraph necessary at all? Why can't SpeedTree just use non-shadergraph shaders?

        I don't understand why it is taking so long? And is SpeedTree still trying to get SpeedTree's into Unity or not? Thank you.


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          Hi Velo222: unfortunately, the answer that I gave in June still applies. While we have delivered what we can to Unity, their engineers are still working on the HDRP pipeline and SpeedTree integration hasn't been implemented.

          Wish we had better news for you!


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            I've got ST8 working in the HDRP templates , maybe this will help others while waiting for the offical Unity/SpeedTree info to come through...

            <Does not help with wind, though>

            I followed the Speed Tree process here, which I'm sure you know about, but it's a bit out of date now, but works.

            For Unity use template 2 rooms ,because the first one had incorrect PBR lighting - which I worked out, but nice to know I wasn't imagining it. This might be tripping people up.

            My main issue was getting subsurface maps to match Speed Tree view port for my White Oak. So I had to do some texture edits in ST, and create a custom Diffusion Profile in Unity to compliment.

            In my experience, the default Subsurface Scattering/Thickness/Translucency (would be nice to conform to one) settings exported from Speed Tree is not a match to Unity's needs.

            In that, in ST I unchecked Subsurface colour and only use the Subsurface % and edited the brightness and contrast had to be clamped to black and white for wood branch vs leaves ,(Black=opaque, white=transparent) to get the amount of subsurface seen in Speed Tree view port in Unity. This may take some back and forth between the two, be sure to have the same lighting conditions and sun position in both.

            Important note is that if your branch area is not 100% black ( - in ST that is; it gets inverted to white on export to Unity) it gets affected by Unity's Diffusion profile easily, tinting it the leaf subsurface colour. The threshold can be very fine there.Took me a while to figure out what was happening.

            So I also needed to edit the foliage Diffusion Profile for my tree species in Unity to mimic the subsurface colour seen in ST and prevent the branch areas from tinting the same colour. I duplicated the Bamboo one from the above rooms template, and modified it.

            This can take some trial and error but these are the bits to play with...

            Scattering Distance: This will control the subsurface/transparency colour seen in the viewport and how much your branches are affected (to match the colour seen in ST for a White Oak, I have R=30, G=50, B=0, intensity=0 atm)

            Thickness Remap: Set for 3 - of course, this may differ depending on the tree species - I have only done this one so far, but expect to have diffusion profiles for various species - the default 'foliage' doesn't cut it for me..

            I now have close to WYSIWYG from Speed Tree viewport in Unity, but I'm tweaking it all the time, especially expect to do it more for an actual scene than a R&D template.

            I'm working on a more open world game - with the new template, though has foliage in it, is all setup for a controlled, confined environment with reflection probes and I need assured template settings for an open world terrain. So I have a tree prefab in the open air room and I created a terrain with grass materials and painted a few trees on that.

            It's on the terrain I'm mostly testing, and going to the room scene after to see if it's still looking ok - which it is a lot brighter because of the reflection probes so I expect more tweaks with lighting will be in order.

            Unity v2020.2.1f1
            ST v8.4.2 (Unity Subscription Edition)
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