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change of gizmo please

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  • change of gizmo please

    The gizom for moving the stitches around has only x, or y, or z.
    Since it takes an insane amount of time to move this gizmo around when working with a high res scan even with a reasonably powerful computer, it will split the time by half if we have, just like the other software, a gizmo with xy, xz, yz in between, I attached an example.
    So instead of moving to x, wait 20 seconds, then move to z wait another 20 seconds, I only need to move to xz and wait only once 20 seconds, all add up to hours for one scan.
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    Hello, the "q" key on your keyboard will allow you to switch to local orientation if you're on a mesh. We've got some new things coming in version 9 that allow a quicker placement!


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      I'm a gizmo fan too, haven't noticed the hitbox change tho. In my opinion, they can keep the design if they redo the hitbox, cuz I like the flapping ears

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