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    Hi, i'm currently working on a garden makeover show that will have a library of 30-50 plants/trees (all growing then animated by wind)
    as you can imagine, exporting 1000 frame alembics of 40 odd plants (with up to 10 million polys each) is VERY slow, and would best be done overnight...
    it would be great to be able to build a list of files to be exported in speedtree, or better yet, have a command line version we could feed batch scripts to!

    any thoughts on this?

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    To share a little knowledge from our game side, you often don't need every tree to be unique. We build forests with only 2-3 different versions of each tree type. When each instance is rotated and scaled differently, lit differently due to the scene, etc, it makes a very convincing forest. If all your trees are unique species though, then yeah that would be a lot of exporting.

    You can indeed call the Cinema Modeler from the command line to batch static mesh exports. See the following docs page. Be sure to read the note there, if you are on Windows.

    Hope this helps


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      if it were a forest this would indeed be true, but these are gardens designed by somewhat 'picky' horticulturalists... so we need many different SPECIES, not variants.... it was more a suggestion to have a framework to allow exporting of many different alembic from different spm files during downtime (ie overnight) rather than only getting one export per night per machine (unless as my colleague suggested, we set an alarm for every 4-5 hours so we can start a new export!)
      i would export during the day, but this locks up the app, and i cannot continue editing other species while exporting in the background (which would be a stop-gap solution)

      thanks Greg



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        and if i'd read you're whole reply i would be properly informed....
        my bad, that sounds like a plan, i can batch script to export from a commandline

        thanks Greg!!


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          i would make a note in the next update of the docs, command line export is about 100 times faster than from the interface!
          previous export took 7 hours from the interface, command line took 45 minutes!!!