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  • CPU timer display

    one very useful feature in Softimage (yeah, i'm one of those) was in the nodes inside ICE (procedural particles/modelling etc) was the ability to turn on a sort of 'debug' mode, where each node in the graph would have a little timer above it. When the graph was evaluated, the numbers would update, allowing the artist to easily see which functions were taking the most compute.
    Just thinking it would be great to see what is causing my plants to take ages to update, and possibly rethink how i do certain tasks...


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    Hello, your compute times and cpu threads are recorded in the bottom right hand side of the tree window.


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      Hey Sarah, thanks for the (continued) feedback

      my request was more aimed at isolating which node in my tree is slow, for example, is it the leaves (and more perhaps with more granularity, the collision or AO) which is causing slow computes?
      as an illustration, i realised today that having twigs driving fronds, where the twigs have a high number of segments, my tree became quite unwieldy... but it took me a while to diagnose this... if the twigs node was shown somehow to be grinding, i could have found the problem quicker
      perhaps adding a color coded glow/ring around nodes in the generation window to highlight where i might be causing myself unnecessary slowdowns

      i must say, i am really loving using speedtree every day, just wanted to suggest ways to make the user experience even more fun!


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        Ah ok! I typically select the generator and look at the polycount one by one. We have an overdraw render-mode so I wonder if some other render mode might help there. Thanks for the feedback and we'll be sure to make a note of it.


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          I saw that there is a setting in the pc version to display cpu and gpu time, and I was wondering what exactly it was that this means?

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            amelneach the times listed in the lower right corner of the modeling window are there to tell how long computations take and how long it takes to render the tree model.