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Bifurcation + 'Twist' force odd behaviour

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  • Bifurcation + 'Twist' force odd behaviour

    Okay try this.

    ÔÇóCreate a new Project.
    ÔÇóIn the Generation Editor RMB-click on the Tree generator icon to add a 'Standard' trunk.
    ÔÇóRMB-click on the 'Trunk' generator to add a 'Standard' branch generator.
    ÔÇóHide the 'Level 2' branch generator.
    ÔÇóSelect the 'Level 1' generator and under it's Segments tab, set the 'Style' to 'Absolute'. Set 'Optimization' to 0.0. Under 'Spine', disable 'Perturbance. Under 'Bifurcation' set 'Spot to 0.5.
    ÔÇóAdd a 'Twist' Force to the scene.
    ÔÇóReselect the 'Level 1' generator and go to the 'Forces' section. Set the value for the Twist force a bit higher. 2.0 will do. Then select the 'Profile' curve and in the 'Curve Editor' set it's shape to 'Max'.

    The result I'm getting is that the 'Twist' Force only affects Bifurcated branches, and then only the part of the branches beyond the split point. Anything before this point remains unaffected.
    I have been able to get the 'Twist' force to work properly by changing the order of operations described above, so it's preventable, however I figured it might be useful to report this.

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    I replicated the tree and figured out what was happening.

    When looking at the tree as a Wireframe, I could see that the
    vertices were twisting in the branches that were not Bifurcated.

    The reason they were not twisting like the Bifurcated branches
    is because they needed some type of change or disturbance in the mesh
    to twist.

    For example, if you enable 'Perturbance', then the branches will
    twist. As well as adding a 'Directional' force, which forces the branch
    meshes to change shape.

    Hope this helps!