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Turntable playblast render in Speedtree

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  • Turntable playblast render in Speedtree


    I'm trying to make quick turntables to present to my lead for the dailies, but I can't find any proper way to do this inside Speedtree. The export image sequence function seems to only be able to render from the perspective viewport with no camera motion.
    It would be great to have a quick turntable render option, would make our feedback process a lot easier to not have to setup an external render for every tiny iteration.


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    Hi aki200: I'm happy to say we have a turntable image sequence export coming in the version 9 modeler!

    Thank you for your suggestion, we hope you enjoy the feature when it is available!


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      That's great to hear, thank you!


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        I see turntable image sequence export has been added to version 8.4.2. Unfortunately I'm trying to show a very subtle wind animation to a colleague that's getting totally lost with the camera spinning around and really want a static camera, but seemingly this turntable cannot be disabled or controlled...?


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          Hi OMZ We're a little confused about your comment: turntable image sequences should not currently be available in 8.4.2 and you should be able to export an image sequence without a rotation. Could you screenshot the turntable feature you're seeing?

          There are other potential reasons you're seeing the rotation in your export. Is there an imported fbx camera being used? This could be a source of the rotation.

          Additionally, if you deselect all of the items in your file and check window properties, make sure the capture camera is set to disabled.

          You should then be able to export an image sequence from a static perspective highlighting the subtle wind animation you're trying to showcase.

          Let me know if these suggestions help! If you still can't figure out what's going on in your file, save as with assets into a new folder, zip it, and send it to us at [email protected] so we can get a better look at what might be causing your image sequence issues!


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            I'm using the Sycamore example as a testbed and that had Left X & Y capture camera settings active that I overlooked. As it was set to render sequence, not interactive, and there's no camera indicator, didn't realize there was an orbiting camera. Thanks!

            The initial response has me a little confused. Capture Camera > Left X in effect works as a turntable with speed control and it seems this is what aki200 was seeking "The export image sequence function seems to only be able to render from the perspective viewport with no camera motion." when it can render camera motion. I assume version 9 implements an actual object turntable vs a turntable via camera motion but even your docs for Capture Camera > Render Sequence state: "This mode is useful for turntable renders".


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              OMZ glad to hear you've got your image sequence problem solved! Let us know if you encounter any other problems!

              (And yes, we are working on having an actual object turntable, hence the confusion about the reference!)


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                Great KatLeeHong! Thanks. In many areas your UI is commendable, very artist friendly and well thought out, but the capture camera is an area that could use some UI/UX improvement; the feature and functions get a bit lost to the user...


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                  That's great to hear, thank you!