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Hand drawing behaviour request

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  • Hand drawing behaviour request

    I love the hand drawing feature but find getting the nodes started in the correct direction (based on camera angle) a real pain. I often work in the fixed XY Plane and rotating the camera isn't possible without returning to perspective view. What I'd love to see is the ability to start a new node by clicking on the target location and simply dragging in the direction you want the branch to travel. This would dramatically improve the whole flow for me. At the moment you need to enter perspective mode, position the camera properly, click to place the node and then click again and drag to form the branch. What I'm proposing is a one step process of clicking and dragging in the desired direction until the branch is formed as required. Thanks

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    Archer1 Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass along your suggestion to our engineers.

    While it's a bit of a non sequitur, when v9 is released, you may want to test the bend tool to see if that workflow might be more efficient for your modeling process than hand-drawing (though it will remain in v9 as well!). Just another feature to look forward to


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      Thank you Kat Lee, look forward to seeing that.