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  • Template image improvement

    I like to use photo templates to help me achieve the realistic form for fronds or whole trees. I do this by using Window->Background->Style->Letterboxed image and selecting my image. This works OK to an extent but everything gets messed up as soon as I zoom in or out or pan, requiring me to reposition the object correctly over the template again before I can continue (can be difficult to get back to original position since zoom is lumpy).

    I've worked with other 3D packages where you insert and scale a template image and then lock it in position. If you then zoom or pan, the template image zooms and pans together with the modeled object and everything stays lined up. If you could achieve this then it would help me so much. I'm sure others would find using templates to be really useful too. Thanks

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    Hi Archer1: the background window is not intended for applying modeling references; I'd suggest importing a plane mesh, adding it as a mesh force, importing your reference as a color material, applying that material to the mesh force and, under the force properties, checking the box for "Include in model" and unchecking the force's influence on the generator.

    Here's an example of the method I'm describing (be sure to check two-sided on the material settings so you can see it from both sides!)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PlaneReference.PNG
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    If this method doesn't align with your suggestion, please let me know what 3D packages you're referencing so I could better understand your feedback and more accurately relay it to our engineers.


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      Thanks for your help with this, that worked perfectly - so much easier than the way I was doing it

      Appreciate you being so responsive to our issues.


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        That's easy to perform. I was good at school when we had lessons with photoshop. I started to use it when I needed to do some projects. How we know, photoshop is handy, but it has to be purchased as well. For newbies and photographers, I would suggest starting to learn how to increase image size properly. After that, you can start working on more professional software such as Photoshop from Adobe.
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