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  • Fork generator request

    I'm finding that I'm having to work hard with Speedtree to achieve some of the naturally occurring branching patterns I'm seeing in nature.
    A common structure I'm seeing is a nicely blended symmetrical fork at the end of a branch or twig. In species like Sycamore and others, one fork spawns another fork (usually at 90 degrees to the parent fork) and so on. This can create a dense forked twig structure up to maybe 7 forks deep.

    To achieve these forks I'm currently having to position a phyllotaxy-opposite branch node at the end of a parent branch and layer these nodes up which can result in a huge and difficult to edit node structure (see attached).

    It would be great if you could think about introducing a special branch node which forks X times and rotates by Y degrees at each fork. All the other properties would continue to work as usual.
    A % knockout property would be useful as in nature you see that a proportion of the forking twigs get broken off.

    Any chance of such a great feature in future please?

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    Hi! Bifurcation will get the deep v split in the elbow of the branch. You could use a curve on alignment if you'd like them to pull off in different directions, but perhaps two generators off the same would catch what you want as well.


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      Thanks Sarah, I did try bifurcation but you don't get much control over it (unless there's something I'm missing). Is there a way I can create a branch or twig that zig-zags like the above image without all the randomness introduced by noise? Or are you suggesting I hand draw the parent and then use bifurcation to add the second part of the forks? Thanks