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  • Advices about training course SpeedTree

    Hi) Can you advice some SpeedTree training courses or training videos which will teach how to work in SpeedTree?

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    Hi Alexandra! It depends on what you want to do; there are a ton of resources online, including our docs and YouTube channel, but you'll find different videos helpful based on your goals.

    How do you want to use SpeedTree? For games or for VFX? When you start studying the techniques associated with your goals, what are the topics you have trouble with? Figuring out what you don't know is a great way to find what to study next.

    From there, if you see a 3rd party course that interests you, scrutinize reviews from artists who have taken the course before you; see an artist on YouTube with SpeedTree tips, tricks, or tutorials? Feel free to give them a try!

    An additional tool I've seen artists benefit from is joining communities where you can post your work, collaborate, and get constructive feedback from peers and professionals. If you're in game development, both Exp Points and Dinusty Empire are two active groups that have led to some really cool projects.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and best of luck learning how to use SpeedTree!