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Tool request:Transfer Nodes,Materials,referenced Meshes easily from 1 file to another

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  • Tool request:Transfer Nodes,Materials,referenced Meshes easily from 1 file to another

    As I'm making Speed trees. I usually start out with a master file that has the nodes materials and Meshes that I need. I then create a bunch of different trees from that file. However, after a while of creating different trees. I have been getting requests for updates to older versions. Some updates would need to be applied to many trees of the same type. It is this kind of repetitive process that makes it hard. As I can copy and past Nodes, Materials, Meshes to each file, but to be honest I find the current method time consuming and awful to work with. When I copy over a material, It doesn't copy embedded or referenced Meshes. This can be the most time consuming issue is when I use Atlased textures. There can be between 3 -6 Mesh cutouts to transfer over for each one the material used.
    I know people will say Just make new trees, But I'm in a production right now and my my team like the trees in general. Changing the trees drastically would change view angles in the game. So I don't see that as an option atm.
    It would be nice to have a tool that can allow you to Select single or multiple materials in your Materials Manager. Click Copy Materials (pop up window says "Would you also like to copy embedded or referenced content?") And then be able to paste the content to another file. With referenced meshes intact. Likewise a similar copy past for meshes in the Mesh Manager.
    Does something like this already exist and I've just overlooked it? Or something similar?

    Thank you
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    We've got your suggestion jotted down for sure!
    The fastest way to safe time between files is to have all your meshes and textures loaded into one file. Then do a save as _new file and start building the next tree. You can do a save as with assets into a fresh folder as well.