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Feature request: 3d effect fronds

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  • Feature request: 3d effect fronds

    I love the way we can make low poly fronds by applying a material to a mesh and it works great where branches are in an opposite (distichous) arrangement i.e. a arranged in a single plane

    However I have real problems creating realistic fronds where the branches are whorled or opposite (decussate) i.e. protruding both left and right AND above and below the parent branch.

    Would be great if you could allow us to specify 2 materials/meshes and display them on 2 different planes (usually 90 degrees to each other). In this way you could achieve a low poly plant that still looks 3D.


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    Hello, You could place a second frond on the same stem if you wished and then use the frond>roll with the profile maxed to turn the frond.
    There is a also an option on the branch to switch to interval and click balanced with a count of one and you'll get the same opposite arrangement (might help).
    The leaf generators have an option to cross as well. I would highly recommend using one cluster file with anchors attached to create a 3d shape just because of shadows, but it entirely all a personal preference! Hope these tips help!


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      Thanks Sarah