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  • Export Material: Feature Requests

    Hello Speedtree devs & community.

    I have been using Speedtree professionally for some years now, on-and-off making foliage assets for commercial videogame use.

    Since videogame art is very optimized, I've had to rely quite a bit on the Export Material feature of speedtree, which bakes a top-down of a high resolution speedtree scene (such as tree branches) into a texture I can then map to foliage fronds and scatter on low-poly trees.

    I have a few feedbacks on the current "Export Material Tool" that would really help us at the studio get a more streamlined workflow.
    • Export Preset
      • The software doesn't remember the export preset when it is restarted. Hence, to rebake textures I have to manually set texture maps and names, which can get tedious.
      • A solution would be to allow users to set a default preset to their liking, or even saving this configuration inside the Speedtree scene (.spm) for further use.
    • Export Camera
      • Right now the tool exports the current view in the viewport. Hence, if the camera is moved as you are working, you need to set its position back to the default every time you export material.
      • Since there is no way to save the camera transforms for later use, it's difficult because you have to try to align it by hand, which gives inconsistent results.
    • Camera Perspective
      • Right now the tool saves materials as an orthographic view. Having the option to use perspective can give more depth to foliage textures, as the details do not appear to be flat.
    Our current workaround at the studio is to export the Speedtree scene as a mesh, and use a in-house baking script in one of our DCC to compute the textures. It works well but the issue is that it adds complexity to the workflow (and takes up quite a bit of time whilst iterating).

    It would be appreciated if you can let me know your thoughts on this. I can provide more information or examples if needed.

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    Export Preset: We'll log this request and look into it! We agree, that would be immensely helpful!

    Export Camera: In the upcoming v9 modeler we have the option to lock the camera, we hope that will help this issue!

    Camera Perspective: We believe that you can export the textures from a perspective view but we'll look into it if you're having issues!

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback!