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Botanically correct tree modelling

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  • Botanically correct tree modelling

    Great program! Here are ten models of Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine (Pinus Contorta v. latifolia) that I was able to construct with Speedtree for my first self-teaching effort.
    I was able to use Speedtree Studio for everything, including the broken top trees, the twins that often occur at high elevations, and the "dead and down" model with the large rootball. Had one tiny little edit to make in Maya to close the root system on the dead and down model. But, speaking as a professional forest ecologist, I am well pleased with Speedtree's ability to model real, as well as fanciful trees.
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    Originally posted by richard
    Nice models!
    Looks like they wear leaves instead of pineneedles in this resolution...

    Where to find the 'Activity Stream'?
    I cann't find the 'Activity Stream' too. Please help.
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      You can access the album in his profile. It has some good-looking pics.


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        Botanically correct tree modelling

        This is really awesome. Gives you an idea of a real painting.


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          Yeah, disappearing branches is definitely a big even though temporary incoherence. The idea is however pretty neat. The biological inspiration behind it is also great.


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            I really liked your work. Now I'm trying to learn how to do things