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Pinus Parviflora Niwaki (Sculpted Japanese White Pine)

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  • Pinus Parviflora Niwaki (Sculpted Japanese White Pine)

    So one of the trees I've been working on lately is this Pinus Parviflora. A Japanese White Pine in the common tongue. Though not as they grow in the wild, but rather a Niwaki. The Japanese word for 'Sculpted trees'. There are many diffirent ways of growing and pruning these trees in real life and the style I've adopted here for the foliage is called Danzukuri (step shaped), with a Chokukanshitate (straight) trunk.
    Getting the foliage to grow this way was a bit tricky as I didn't simply want to use placeholder meshes and then scatter leaves on top. The branches wouldn't connect to the leaves and the whole thing would look fake when seen from below.
    Using Mesh Forces didn't work either as Niwaki growth is quite different than what attraction and repulsion forces do.

    In the end I chose to split up the branches across multiple generators and carefully control their length and placement to create that cushion/pad shape I was after with some simple directional forces to create the necesarry curvature here and there. The boughs respond pretty nicely to being repositioned and re-oriented, with the pads changing shape as you would expect on a real tree, which is great and will help me take this "tree-recipe" a bit further into more complex trees.

    I'll play around with it a little more, polishing it up with node-editing and optimize it somewhat before taking it out to ZBrush and Mari. The spheres are just placeholders and I'll end up replacing them in Maya with instances of properly modelled rosette needle clusters in XGen.

    Hope you guys like it.

    Click image for larger version

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    This looks great! Thank you for posting it!


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      Thank you Sonia. I'm glad you like it.


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        nice work! can you post how the lead texture alone looks?


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          I want to texture too. Please post.


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            very nice work, interested to know how you did the vines


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              Thanks Mitviz. I'm not sure what you mean by 'lead texture'. Currently the model doesn't use any textures, just plain shaded colours.

              Juansan: did you mean branches? No vines here.


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                Excellent, DutchDimension! Great work and a formidable challenge. I am a fan of niwaki, too (and japanese maples) and would be very interested in how you did this. Would you care to to exchange information with me about your settings? I would be happy to reciprocate with some of my efforts, and also with texture files for various kinds of japanese maples.