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  • My First Cluster

    I'm a little bit to show this off after seeing the Natural Crackers post, but what the hell.
    My first Cluster I made in SpeedTree (Trial) using my own textures from photos I took & a Blender mesh I made. Textures are from a Tulipwood (Harpullia pendula).
    I've been trying to follow along the video tutorials & I'm slowly getting there. They set a mean pace on some of those tutorial videos, I must say.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Trial Cluster 200607-1.jpg
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    I haven't worked out how to make a Subsurface texture map yet. Can you use SpeedTree Leaf Map Maker to do this? Any help much appreciated.
    Anyway, better keep climbing that learning curve.....looking a bit exponential though...better put me tree climbing rig on.

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    Hey SS668 : while we shine a bright light under our leaves to capture the subsurface textures for the trees on our store, you can fake it using your color texture and the adjustments in the modeler's texture window.

    Apply the leaf color texture to subsurface and then turn it more towards yellow; up the brightness and saturation. Switch the window to the "Subsurface Check" render mode to make sure you don't have values too outside the normal PBR limits.

    Just in case, here's the page in our docs on PBR materials, the subsurface section provides a great visual for what I attempted to describe above:

    Hope this helps, it looks like you're off to a great start!