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Leaf Weights/scale for dynamic LODs not working as expected (ST v8.5.0)

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  • jezelf
    After some experimentation, the weights do work but I think what was happening is that there was a missing link; I needed to get my Lowest LOD (I have 4) silhouette right FIRST. Otherwise, no matter what weights you put, the lowest LOD shape (before bill-boarding) will override any weights you think are keeping the leaves there.

    so if anyone else has the same issue, my work flow for a tree with 4 LODs + billboard in Dynamic LODs is..
    1. LOD0
    2. LOD4 -> match LOD0 as much as possible, using Jumble and Seed (might take a few mins going back and forth, rotating the model checking all directions) and Grow scale (in that order)
    3. LOD1 -> edit curve to budget
    4. LOD3 -> edit curve to budget

      I add a green pin/point as a marker for every LOD in every Branches. Decorations, Leaves & Fronds curve - so if there are 4 LODs 4 pins etc. First and last LOD pins will already exist of course, but it makes it easier to control each LOD to a calculated budget of 50% less - maybe something to add in future versions? So it auto generates those markers when you set your number of LODs - or some entry for auto reduction by % would be nice

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  • jezelf
    Thanks Sarah, I'll give it a try!


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  • SarahScruggs
    weights are dispersed from the number you've set in the LOD options (global properties). So for example if you lower the LOD curve for leaves on the right hand side, you'll have less of your leaves on the lower LODS. The weights are then calculated from there. If you have two weights that are the same and are on the same hierarchy (for example two leaf generators off a single branch) you'll want to add some variance in the weight so they don't all come from one or the other.

    If you leave the weight at 1 on the most important leaves, and lower the amount for the less important leaves (try a .2), do you still have the same issue? If they should never show up at all, try entering a 0
    If there is still a percentage of weight on an LOD they will still be calculated in, but you should see the higher number being favored.

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  • Leaf Weights/scale for dynamic LODs not working as expected (ST v8.5.0)


    I give leaves (nodes) I want to keep a weight of 5 ( a big leaf cluster to cover lots of area to hold the silhouette )
    I give leaves (Nodes) I want to go a weight of 1 ( a small leaf cluster - just for the tips of the branches and on branch fronds and filler meshes to add some LOD0 detail)

    Yet the not all ones I want to keep stay and not all the ones I want to go, get removed, resulting in floating meshes in place of a where I want a larger leaf cluster to be \\\.

    I can't have floating leaves because we use LOD1 as LOD0 for Gen4

    It's my understanding,a higher weight number wins over a lower one but ST appears to ignore that for me atm . Is there anything else dictating these that could help? giving them a number of 10 doesn't seem to do anything, is there a max number? I presently have to hide the node causing the problem.

    Similar thing with scale factor. ST doesn't seem to care I am clamping something not to scale and it does it anyway , so I end up with some more floating meshes.


    ST v8.5.0