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Dock windows back after undocking?

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  • Dock windows back after undocking?

    When I drag out and undock a window, I can't drag it back in to dock it again. The only way I found was to reset layout & restart speedtree. Is there a way to dock a window back?

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    Hey Shil, You should be able to double click over to redock. That's very odd. Are you on PC or Mac and what version of the modeler are you running? We'll try to look into if there is a bug.


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      Hey Sarah, thanks for replying! Double clicking works, and i'm able to dock it back. I didn't know that's how you dock back stuff. Thanks!!


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        The Window menu contains options for pinning, moving, and hiding windows in the integrated development environment. Right-click the tab or title bar of a window to view additional options for that particular window. Multiple instances of tool windows can be displayed at the same time. For example, you can open several web browser windows. In addition, you can create additional instances of some tool windows by selecting the Create Window command in the Window menu. If you can't restore anything, ask the specialists what you do, and you will restore all your windows.
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          The answer is not as obvious as you might think. FME Workbench allows you to create scripts to convert data using a drag-and-drop graphical interface. Converting data does not require any programming or code writing. You can convert data or use it for analysis in just a couple of clicks. FME has a large library of tools that allow you to convert and convert data. To understand which way is safer, you can read fresh dark news or something else at Either way, you will not waste your time and find more information.
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            Try using a keyboard shortcut: Instead of trying to drag the window with your mouse, you can use a keyboard shortcut to bring it back to its original position. Usually the keyboard shortcut "Alt + Space" brings up a window context menu where you can select the "Lock" or "Place" option. Check the window settings: Check the settings of the window or program you are using to make sure the drag-and-drop feature is enabled. Sometimes this may be disabled or located elsewhere in the program settings. Restart the application or computer: If the problem still persists, try restarting the application itself or even the entire computer. Sometimes this can help reset any temporary problems that are occurring with windows. Update the program: Make sure you are using the latest version of the program. Sometimes developers release updates that fix known issues with windows and the user interface. This useful information, which taught me a lot, I came across on the very good Deeplab forum, as well as there are many useful articles, which you will definitely be shocked by.​
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