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Differences in functionality between Speedtree UE4 and Speedtree Cinema

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  • Differences in functionality between Speedtree UE4 and Speedtree Cinema

    I read the official manual, but I only knew that the wind setting was different.
    Could you please tell me what other features are different?

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    Hey Osako, there are many other differences between the two. First is that SpeedTree UE4 is designed to export models optimized for Unreal Engine and Cinema exports meshes designed for VFX. Both have tools and generate models that correspond to their purpose.

    Models made in SpeedTree Cinema have varying resolutions so that the model can be exported depending on its use.
    In the games and UE4 modelers, users create LODs to transition to lower or higher polycounts, based on distance from the camera.

    SpeedTree Cinema 8 also has static mesh export and photogrammetry features not available in the UE4 subscription (both are available in SpeedTree Games Indie.)

    Growth is a Cinema feature not currently available in our games modelers due to the heavy impact of growth animations.

    Depending on your project, you may want to reach out to [email protected] to help guide you to the modeler best for you.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you for telling me.
      I got an overview of the differences.

      I will email you for additional information.

      thank you very much!
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