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you had any ideas or solution to help me?

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  • you had any ideas or solution to help me?

    Hi all!
    I've made a hand drawn tree from the v8 White Oak Species.
    I've set it up with 2 branch materials and 2 Leaf materials and their individual associated meshes created from the mesh generator via 'edit'
    Material & Mesh...

    Branch_1 & Branch_1Cutout
    Branch_2 & Branch_1Cutout
    Leaf_1 & Leaf1
    Leaf_2 & Leaf2

    In the material tab I make sure each material is matched with their meshes

    In the Leaf and Frond nodes, I make sure each material under 'leaves' , Type, shows it's matching material and mesh as set up in the materials view where the textures are.
    In the leaf types on the nodes, branches and leaves have different weights, but not sure if this is part of it - but could be?
    I would then save the file , everything looks fine
    *sometimes* when I reopen the file, the material and meshes have switched and links are broken,
    meaning, the tree looks like most of it's leaves are missing and
    when I inspect the material/mesh tabs, the branches' meshes are showing the leaves and visa versa.
    Or in the nodes leaves type the mesh for the (correct) material would read a 'any' or 'None
    So it seems like a mesh assignment issue.
    I'll fix it and save it and then reopen later and sometimes it's broken again. ( there doesn't appear to be a reason to me to why only sometimes)
    I appears to only be happening on one tree variant atm - that I created from scratch using hand drawing.
    I have also copied and pasted nodes from your working White Oak files and replaced mine and it still happens.
    If I fix it and export to game (Unity), it's fine - it's just an inconvenience more than anything,

    So, I 'm thinking either,
    A: I've corrupted the file somehow, or
    B: it's the weights - I'll try changing that, actually, or...
    C: perhaps have missed a setting that is conflicting, or
    D something else?

    I was wondering if you had any ideas?
    Just thought I'll post here in case there's an easy solution.

    Thank you so much