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Exporting model with mesh forces to Unity

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  • Exporting model with mesh forces to Unity


    I have been making a climbing plant using a mesh force around a wall model.
    In speed tree everything looks good and fine. (screenshot included below)

    But then when i export the tree to unity it doesn't look at all like it's supposed to. Branches stretching and leaves not there (leaf material did export, LOD only highest).
    I have already tried exporting with/ without including the mesh force model, but including that only added more stretching.

    I am using Speedtree for Unity 8.4.2 (looking at bug fixes a previous version had a bug with exporting mesh force, but reading path notes that should been fixed?)
    Does anyone know what might be my problem?

    Kind regards

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    Hello, Is your model using batched leaves perhaps?
    If so those won't export to unity. You can right click on those and convert them to leaf meshes and that should help there if that's the case.
    Let me know if that fixes the issue!