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clipped shadow in tree window (cinema 8.4.2)

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  • clipped shadow in tree window (cinema 8.4.2)


    with / since my last model I run into some strange shadow behavior in the tree window. As you can see from the images attached, it looks like there is some kind of cone angle active on the global light, clipping / limiting the shadow extent. This not only happens on the current model I am working on but also on a simple new scene created from the blank template. Another model I did just the other day, did not have those issues. So I guess some setting might have been messed up. Where / how can I fix this? Thanks.

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    Hi Trantor, I'm not seeing this in a blank file or on our cypress tree when I checked. I'm wondering if the clipping plane needs to be reset. Does double clicking the zoom icon at the top of the tree window reset anything? I'll have to log this one so we can take a look at it.


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      Hi Sarah, thanks for getting back. As far as I have figured out by now, this happens when you rotate the light around in "weird" ways, like first rotating it almost parallel to the ground around Y and then turning it in X. At some point the shadow gets cut off like in the images above. Doing the opposite, I was able to get it back for my scenes. Though I am still wondering if this is an intended behavior or something that could be fixed.