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Editing Grass Billboards

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  • Editing Grass Billboards


    I'm making a grass cluster that I'm exporting to UE4 and would like the last LOD to be a billboard that consists of a single plane that is always facing the camera. When I export the grass cluster with the billboard option, the billboard consists of multiple faces like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    How do I change the billboard inside speedtree to only consist of a single plane? I guess I could use the Export Material-feature and manually map the resulting textures to a plane in Blender, but I would like to have this step automated.


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    Hey Karsten: billboards in SpeedTree are exported this way to be rendered from different views so that the game engine can remove views that aren't facing the camera.

    If you'd prefer a single camera facing billboard plane, we'd recommend building your grass using a Card generator (found under the default generators). Because cards are already camera facing, you could LOD down to one or two cluster planes and avoid needing to export billboards altogether.

    Hope this helps!


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      Oh yea, I forgot to import the materials with the model since I'm using my own shader - I see now that there's a material that removes faces from the billboard in the imported material.

      I think I'll roll with the default billboard, but out of curiosity I tried the card generator and I can't figure out how to only include them in the last LOD. The documentation you linked names a property called Leaves->Resolution->Mesh LOD that might achieve this, but I dont have that property (I'm using the UE4 subscription version of Speedtree).