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  • SpeedTree into MODO

    Hey guys! Perhaps you can help me, because I ran out of options to try out.. I'm trying to import the SpeedTree tree inside MODO and I just can't get it to look right. It always looks empty compared from the view inside the SpeedTree program. Even if it's the same model, same polygon count, same textures, everything is the same. I tried playing with the shaders, making them double sided, but I just couldn't get it to match to the speedtree look. Can you help? Thank you!

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    The leaves should absolutely be double sided, and that will help if it was a problem before.

    I think the rest of what you are seeing is texture filtering. When rendering in realtime, textures are usually downsampled into mipmaps for when they are used when drawing smaller (ie further from the camera). When the opacity map is downsampled, it often results in grey fringes instead of black and white opacity. The more you downsample, the more of the opacity gets eaten away. We combat this in the Modeler and our game products by boosting mip opacity. You may not see a problem when you go to actually render. But if you do, you might want to look into boosting the mipmap opacity, if possible, or barring that, boosting opacity in general. Unfortunately, we're not well versed in Modo to offer specific suggestions.