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Wind in Speedtree Clarisse engine

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  • Wind in Speedtree Clarisse engine

    Hi, Im using the speedtree engine for Clarisse but having difficulty getting my wind unique for each of the tree instances. Wind looks exactly the same on each tree, even when i chose the 'cohesive' wind option. I use few unique tree models which are instanced as part of scatter systems inside Clarisse . Please advise how do you offset the wind animation so each tree wind looks unique or is offset by some frames. Thanks a lot, Jacek
    Last edited by Jacek Irzykowski; 09-30-2021, 04:57 AM.

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    Hey Jacek Irzykowski: when using cohesive wind, what is the % you're using? As detailed here on our docs, if you set it to 100% the wind will be identical.

    Hopefully the information on the documentation page helps! Let us know if it doesn't resolve your issue.


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      Thank you, ok i will test it out. Would the cohesive wind still work theoretically on identical instances within scatter system offsetting their wind? i reduced the cohesive parameter now from 50% to 0.


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        Jacek Irzykowski That should work; adjusting cohesive synchronization % will offset the cohesive wind % on identical models another. Let us know if that works!