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  • Export growth animation to unity

    Hi, my team already has Speedtree unity version and would like to export the growth animation to unity. I've found out that this version (unity) isn't capable of it while Cinema does. Does the indie version (999$ a year) has Export growth animation to unity? We are thinking if its possible then we'd switch up to the indie version.

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    Hey markseth, we wouldn't recommend using Cinema exports in Unity: models and growth animation wouldn't be suitable for real-time (growth basically recomputes the whole tree and exports from cinema are optimized for vfx, not game engines) and it would be a violation our Cinema modeler EULA. While Indie would provide you with photogrammetry tools and static mesh exports, it would be unable to export growth animation for real-time.

    You can theoretically make a growth animation by creating 10 or so tree models in different stages of life and switching between them, adjusting scale along the way to make the transition pop less visibly.

    Wish we had better news for you!