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Shape Control Mesh doesn't seem to be working for me.

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  • Shape Control Mesh doesn't seem to be working for me.


    Was doing some experimenting with shape control on v8.4.2. I added a simple box as a simple shape control mesh. Imported the mesh (it is an fbx) went with the option to do nothing additional right now and hit ok. Then wen to forces and set the mesh as a force positioned it yet nothing seems to happen even when it it is place correctly. What am I missing, is there a flag I forgot about?

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    Rexxigar When you bring your box mesh force into the scene, have you adjusted the force and collide actions under the "Mesh" settings?

    Once you've applied the desired affects to your mesh force's settings, you can check to enable the mesh force on branch generators under the "spine" tab and edit the profile curves to affect how that force is distributed from the base to the top of your tree. Docs links that you may find helpful are mesh forces, forces, and a tutorial on "Shape Control".

    Hope this gets you closer to achieving the results you're looking for. If you still can't quite resolve the issue, post the settings of your mesh force and the generators to which they are applied and we can troubleshoot from there.


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      Yeah it is strange I went back and looked at everything, it seems like I did everything right. I exported the shape from Maya, imported the mesh, assigned it as a mesh force, went to the shape tab on the trunk, swapped it to "enabled force meshes" yet the generators did not take the shape. Is there some sort of set up I need to do for the mesh like flipping Click image for larger version

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ID:	10387. I did this and it worked some what. But it didn't take the shape.


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        Also I want to note that I am using the games version of the Speedtree software and working with cards rather than full blown leaves. I do not have the cinema version that is set up in the you tube break downs. My generator structures is usually trunk, branch, splines, fronds, and then leaves. (Most of the time I saw the cine versions that are using the tool having trunk, big branch, small branch, twigs, then leaf clusters).