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Skip LODs texture export but keep billboard texture export

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  • Skip LODs texture export but keep billboard texture export


    Maybe this is already possible but I can't find a way to do it.

    I think that it would be very helpful to have an option to enable/disable "Skip Texture Save" for LODs and billboards separately.

    In many cases you want to have multiple variants of one tree and you want all of them use same materials for bark, branches/leaf clusters, details etc. but for billboards you want to have one unique generated billboard material per tree variant.

    As far as I know it's not possible to export tree (LODs + billboard meshes) with billboard material textures included but without others materials textures. "Skip Texture Save" option is global and skips billboard texture generation.

    Without "Skip Texture Save" every export overrides 'shared textures' (when using one global folder for tree set) or save them as new files (when using individual folder per tree). This is unnecessary if you use shared materials and want to export new tree variant with its billboard but without overriding/saving shared materials everytime.

    BTW. Maybe it's possible to achieve this by creating a specific packing file?


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    Hi Lukew!
    On the games full and games indie licences, there is an option to "skip texture save" and a way to select billboard only. I think that would do the trick here.
    If you want to work from atlased textures that share everything between the trees with no duplicates, we've got some new tools in v9 that would let you cutout areas from your textures. On that kind of export, you'd select, atlas "none" to have the tree refer to your already atlased materials ( hope I explained that well enough. We'll definitely have some videos on export options coming)
    export example