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  • changing leaf geo

    Hi! I'm new to this software and I'm having a super hard time simply changing the leaf geo.

    I clicked on the " +... " icon at the top right to browse the move_me_Plane.obj. I aligned it properly with the Orient dropdown. Now, I'm simply dragging from the "hand" icon to the leaves in the viewport. Nothing happens. I also went into the Material tab (on the left side) of the leaf node. There's literally a "Mesh" dropdown menu but it doesn't have my move_me_Plane.obj !!!!

    This is driving me nuts so, please help me!!

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    Hey Olivier: you assign meshes to materials and then assign materials to the leaves. If you go to the material tab of the "Move Me!" plane, you can drag the hand icon from the material tab to the leaves and it will apply that "Move Me!" material.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hope this helps!


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      It worked! Thank you so much!

      It was very confusing since, in any other software, you assign materials to meshes, not the other way around. Also, when I am in the Meshes tab, I still see the drag-and-drop hand. What happens when I drag from the Meshes tab? I've done it before on other trees and it worked... confusing.


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        Olivier no matter the tab, the hand drags all of the material settings onto the desired generator (either in the modeler window or the generator window). My apologies for the clarification of material tab, the hand in any of those tabs would do the same thing.

        We understand the confusion, it is a slightly different workflow, but one we hope would be best in the context of procedural geometries.