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  • Unity HDRP compatibility

    Hi there! I was about to get a Game Indie license (to be used with Unity) but beforehand I would like to make sure HDRP 12.1 (used in Unity 2021.2) is properly supported by Speedtree 8.
    Can you confirm this please?

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    I just went ahead and bought the license (seeing that Unity bought SpeedTree's parent company, that must be indicative of good support at least). Everything seems to work fine except... well, the trees are made of concrete in Unity. I mean they're completely still, no wind whatsoever. Which is, ahem, let's say unfitting for any kind of vegetation. So I'm pretty sure I must be doing something tremendously stupid! I did follow closely the documentation and create a wind zone as required. But now I'm stumped. How do I get the branches to sway in the wind please?

    (I'm on Unity 2021.2.6f1 using HDRP 12.1.2)
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      Hey Seith: I checked with our engineers and wind should be operational in hdrp.2021.2.

      I'm curious about your wind and export settings; did you tune and set your wind in SpeedTree before exporting your model?