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Photogrammetry blend LOD issue

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  • Photogrammetry blend LOD issue

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with the band bridging the photogrammetry base of our tree with the upper trunk: LOD0 and LOD1 look good but there's an unwanted shrinkage of the band itself when transitioning from LOD0 to LOD1, as can be seen in the pictures.

    I tried everything possible in the Dynamic LOD tab of the stitch (setting the Weight to 0, playing with the curve) to no avail.

    I'm basically trying to avoid the trunk looking like it's missing a part during the LOD transition. Popping the stitch from LOD0 to LOD1 would look infinitely better than what's currently there by default. How can I fix this please?

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    Hi Seith,

    I would start testing in the target software. Unreal Engine pops the lods. I don't know how unity or any other game engine handles this.