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removing specific branches?

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  • removing specific branches?


    I need to remove specific branches. I was hoping I could simply right-click on a branch like I do for scaling but I don't see any remove/delete options.

    On a similar note, how could I export one specific branch (with all the children branches)?


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    Hey Olivier, if you look at the top of your window you'll see 3 modeling modes: "Generator", "Node", and "Freehand".

    To delete specific branches generated procedurally, you'll need to select node mode. From there you can select the branch(es) you'd like to edit or delete individually by using the backspace/delete key on your keyboard. You can find more information on modes on our docs!

    By exporting one branch with children, I am guessing you're trying to export a cluster. We have a v8 tutorial that still conveys the process well!


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      Ah! the Node mode is what I needed to delete specific branches.

      For the export of a specific branch, here's my situation. I have a tree that looks nice at a certain distance. But in one shot, we see one specific branch in a super close up. I would need to create 2 assets:

      1. The full tree.
      2.That single branche uprezed and reworked in Zbrush

      Selecting a single branch with all the sub-braches attached to it outside of speedtree is very hard to doSo, I would need to select a branch from that tree to be exported in a seperate file.


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        ...well, now that I think about it, I could save my scene, delete all the branches manually (exept for one) and export. Not the best idea but it should work.


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          In node mode, select the one branch you want. Then right click and choose select/descendents. That will select everything after the one you selected (including the one you had selected before). Then you can do export selected as mesh to export it.

          Hope this helps


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            Ah! I was trying that but kept crashing each time. But, thanks for the info.