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3dsmax SpeedTreeImporter script problem

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  • 3dsmax SpeedTreeImporter script problem

    3dsmax SpeedTreeImporter script problem

    After exporting in fbx with speedtree
    When I use in 3dsmax and import with vray, the order of material IDs seems to be wrong.

    For example, the material IDs of tree trunks are different, etc.

    When imported with the max standard FBX importer, the material IDs seem to be assigned correctly.
    However, since the material is not set (physical material with no transparency map)
    I want to use vray's material created using for the material.
    (right now I am manually reordering the material id's)

    How can I work around this?

    best regards.

    Naoki Takano

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    We'll have to take a look at that. In the meantime, you can export grouped by material in the export dialog. Doing this, each object will only have one material and there should be no mismatch.


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      Hello Greg, thank you for the reply.

      I tried it as soon as possible.
      I also tried export group by,material and object.
      In the case of groupByMaterial, it seems that all the meshes are materialID1 when loaded in the script.
      I have tried to use the physical material assigned to the mesh loaded by max's standard fbx importer and the material ID of the mesh.
      I would have to replace it manually.

      In the case of groupByObject, the IDs of Branches are included in the leaves object.
      The material of Branches is applied to some meshes.
      I'll have to fix this manually as well.


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        Has there been any update to this? I'm currently experiencing the same issue with export via hierarchy in 9.1.0
        Exporting with grouping by material gives all objects material ID 1 meaning I need to re-assign all the materials manually.

        I'm not sure if this is helpful but I am exporting the Queen Palm Field model from the SpeedTree Library


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          I ended up using the export by materials option and writing a custom MaxScript to re-assign the materials by comparing the material & object names but this isn't ideal as we now have multiple meshes reading multiple point cache files.

          If possible we would like to be able to back to using hierarchy mode and exporting one single object with one point cache.